Back in 1956, the year of the presentation of the first Michelin guide in Italy, probably no one would have ever expected to be faced with a celebration that would become, in the years to follow, one of the most eagerly awaited and renowned events in the restaurant industry, and in gastronomy in general.
The ceremony for awarding the stars, which are both a great boast but also an important responsibility for the restaurateur, is the culmination of the event, which
always causes a stir and moves public opinion.

This year, too, the time has come.

The ceremony will take place on Tuesday, 8 November
at 4.45pm, in Franciacorta, destination partner until 2024, but it will also be streamed on Michelin's official and social channels.

This will be a revolutionary edition as, for the first time, some restaurants will already know they are in the guide, to date there are already 146. At this point it will be interesting to find out whether some of them will get the star, or will "only" be in the Michelin 2023 guide.
Among these pre-announced we find twelve in our Piedmont, most of which are in the province of Cuneo, which claims to be one of the territories in which food and wine is
most deeply rooted in the local culture.
The new entries present traditional Piedmontese proposals, such as Il Vascello D'Oro in Carrù and Caffè Bertaina Osteria in Mondovì; but also contemporary and modern menus, such as
at Da Politano in Boves or Cucine Nervi in Gattinara.

Rumours and predictions abound regarding the awarding of stars. It is predicted, for example, that in Southern Italy we will finally have the first historic three-star and the contenders will be chef Pino Cuttaia with La Madia in Licata, chef Ciccio Sultano in Ragusa Ibla and chef Nino Di Costanzo at Danì Maison in Ischia.
In addition, it seems fitting to award the second star to Riccardo Camanini's Lido 84 restaurant, which this year reached eighth position in the prestigious ranking
"World's 50 best 2022". The same hypothetical fate for Antonia Klugman and her L'Argine A Vencò.
Finally, as has been the case for some years now, the question arises as to whether this is the right year for the first star to be awarded to an Italian pizzeria or whether it will remain a separate category.

And now let us mark this date on the calendar and enjoy the spectacle, but focusing our attention on the sacrifices that a chef must make, dedicating an entire life, to achieve such results. Only then can we truly understand the meaning behind the awarding of a Michelin star.