Cantina Hic Et Nunc

 Hic et Nunc Winery is a young winery located in Vignale Monferrato.

One of its peculiarities is its "transparent cellar", open to the public, a unique structure for the panorama of Monferrato. A place dreamed and designed to offer an immersive experience within the territory. A breathtaking reality to visit and live at all costs.

Hic et Nunc, from the Latin «Here and Now». Because it is «here», in Vignale Monferrato, that we wanted to start cultivating the vineyard, not elsewhere. And we wanted to do it «now», immediately putting to good use this extraordinary land.

We work all the vineyards by hand and only vinify the grapes of our plots. We adopt virtuous practices for the "thermal" control of the vineyard, fundamental in a phase of climate change like the one we are going through.

100 hectares of arable land, woods and poplar trees, 20 of which are dedicated to local vines. Barbera vines older than 80 years. Only grapes owned.

Hic et Nunc can count on a rare landscape biodiversity within the Piedmontese wine context, dominated by monoculture. A diversity that has decided to preserve through wine making practices particularly attentive to the landscape.

Vignale Monferrato

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