Birrificio San Michele

Located in an old building dating back to 1860, the San Michele Brewery is surrounded by greenery and embraced by the springs of Mount Pirchiriano, at the foot of the Sacra di San Michele.

The brewery was born in October 2010 from the passion of its founder, Bruno Gentile, for craft beer.

In particular, it stems from his desire to make known the taste of real beer, the live and raw kind;

 Bruno's discovery of craft beer goes back many years through some trips to northern Europe, where this tradition has always been present. In those days, in an Italy dominated by industrial beers, craft beer was practically unknown. 

From this was born the dream, the passion or perhaps the mission, certainly the desire, to return to the good and simple things. The goal is to create greater awareness of the absolute most popular and consumed liquid food in the world and to debunk many clichés about how to accompany our food at lunch and dinner.

Bruno thus began to study, investigate and experiment with what an old master brewer had told him about the secrets of this wonderful food. Thus, from experiments, studies, passion and innovation, Birrificio San Michele was born with its fine, award-winning beers. 

We at the San Michele Brewery consider our craft beers to be an Opera of Passion not only because they are born from a deep-rooted and sincere passion, as described above, but also because, like music creates its symphony, we have united many similarities of the stories of the famous opera heroines to the beers of the same name. In fact, the names, colours, labels and bottles of each of our beers derive from a precise interlocking of visual, olfactory, gustatory, auditory and tactile perceptions and emotions that our beers offer. 

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