Giulia Marcelli

My life can be divided into before yoga and after yoga.

Driven by curiosity and a bit of restlessness, I have always travelled a lot. I graduated and specialised in international law, which led me to live away from home during my university years and immediately afterwards. Travelling had become so frequent that at a certain point I no longer knew where my real home was, I had so many scattered ones: Asti, my hometown, Costa Rica, where I lived for a while during high school, Barcelona where I studied law for a year, and then gained work experience in Milan, New York, Brussels, in short: I was a vagabond!

I approached yoga gradually and, amidst the hustle and bustle of travelling, the practice became my staple.

Yoga was my 'feel at home'.

The lure of yoga is so strong that it is not enough to go deeper into it. I wanted to go further to pass on this discipline that is so important to me to other people. So I put aside my law degree to return to Asti, my home town, where I teach in my studio and collaborate with other professionals.

In continuous training

I am a registered RYT200 Yoga Alliance teacher, the association that certifies teachers who have followed a training course that meets internationally recognised standards. I initially trained to teach Vinyasa Yoga, a fluid and dynamic practice that starts with simple movements and becomes increasingly intense, ending with a final relaxation. In May 2021 I graduated from the Yoga Off the Matt (YA) master's programme to integrate free body movement and exploration of what lies beyond the mat into my classes.

I am qualified to teach Yoga in pregnancy and newborns, having attended the 100-hour (YA) course at the Samadhi School in Florence.

I continue to explore and study other styles of yoga because you never stop learning and I love to bring my classes alive and adapt the practices to my students.

Let's get spiritual is my mantra!

Why 'spiritual'? Yoga is certainly not a religion, but the spiritual side of life has always fascinated me.

As is well known, yoga is a holistic discipline. Our body is a biologically holistic organism: each of its functions is linked to a complex unitary mechanism. Holistic disciplines offer integrated interventions to those who approach them, proposing a path that includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.


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