Tenuta Carretta

A history dating back to 1467. Tenuta Carretta is located in Piobesi d'Alba, in the Roero region of Piedmont. It is a winery steeped in history, one of Italy's most historic wineries where past, present and future come together in the best possible way.

Tenuta Carretta is a company set in a fascinating and evocative environmental context, but it is above all a company made up of people. People who work, design, collaborate together to achieve a single, shared objective: to produce high quality wines that are important, pleasant and good to drink. Starting with the ownership, held by the Miroglio family.

It is always the people who make the difference, with their dynamism, their ideas and the desire to share them and put them into practice in order to always do well, with competence, professionalism and passion. Because if in the cellar and in the vineyard one has to be good at interpreting the characteristics of the grapes to be transformed into quality products, in the office and on the markets one requires the ability to operate efficiently and effectively, with the coherence and transparency necessary to intersect the tastes and needs of the consumer with respect for tradition and the vocation of the territory.

Piobesi d'Alba

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